Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Invitation to AALL Strategic Directions blog

Jean M. Wenger, Chair of the Executive Board Strategic Directions Committee, extends the following invitation to all AALL members:

"On behalf of the Executive Board Strategic Directions Committee, I would like to personally welcome you to 'Strategically Thinking,' the AALL blog for all things futuristic. As the Association develops the new roadmap for the next three years, we need you - the members - to provide the directions, speed and forecast. Tell us what is going on in and around you. What you would like to see change and what things should we keep doing? Feel free to share, brainstorm and collaborate. Each week will feature a new thread mixed with 'open mike" sessions.'

"The blog is for everyone and it's open 24/7. Your input is a vital resource as we set the course for the next three years.

"Visit us at http://aallstrategize.wordpress.com ."

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