Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Announcing AALL Scholarships

Good news for students, from Nancy L. Strohmeyer, Chair of the AALL Scholarships Committee, 2009-2010, who writes:

"If you are currently attending or will be starting law school or library school and would like some help with those tuition payments, please apply for a scholarship from AALL, the American Association of Law Libraries.  We have money available now to help those who are interested in law librarian careers.  The deadline for applications is April 1, 2010.

"If you know of someone who qualifies, please make certain he or she hears of these scholarship opportunities. The Scholarship Committee's website provides information regarding the available scholarships.  They include the AALL Educational Scholarships, the LexisNexis®/John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Endowment, and the AALL & Thomson West - George A. Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment.  There is not a separate application form for the Johnson Scholarships.

"The AALL Scholarships are divided into several categories, based on the degree(s) you are seeking and the degree(s) you already possess.  The requirements for application differ slightly among the categories, so please be certain to include all information and documents required.

"As is evident from the name, the Strait Minority Scholarship money is given to those who are members of a minority group, as defined in the application materials.  The AALL definition of minority is as follows:
For purposes of considering applicants for the Strait Minority Stipend, the AALL definition of 'minority' includes males and females in the following groups --African Americans, Aleuts, Asian Americans, Eskimos, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islander Americans.
"If you qualify under that definition, please consider applying for the Strait scholarship.
Go to the Scholarship Committee's website to find all of the applications:

"Those who have received a scholarship previously may still apply for another one.  However, that does figure into this year's awarding of funds.

"We will have multiple winners of scholarship funds, so please apply if you will be in law and/or library school in the summer or fall 2010 quarters/semesters and are interested in law librarianship as a career.

"Remember, the deadline for receipt of all materials is April 1, 2010, so please start your application process soon!

"We look forward to congratulating all who receive awards!"

(distributed to AALL listservs Tue, Mar 2, 2010)

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