Friday, September 24, 2010

"Give one, Take one" at ALLUNY Annual

In keeping with the environmental mantra of "reduce/reuse/recycle" and because it is so fun to share, you're invited to B(ring) Y(our) O(own) of selected items to ALLUNY's Annual Meeting in Rensselaerville and participate in a "Give one, Take one" swap as follows:

B.Y.O. ...  BAG:
Many of us accumulate so many bags over the course of even a single year, whether shopping tote or conference swag, advertising premium or book bag.  Why not take this opportunity to cull your collection and bring one to swap with another meeting attendee?  Any bag will do -- you may wish to promote a favorite cause, celebrate your institution, re-gift a "treasure", or simply clear your shelves.  In return, you'll get a "new-to-you" bag from another attendee in which to carry your meeting materials in style.

B.Y.O. ...  BOOK:
Is there a book you'd encourage *everyone* to read?  Or a book you have sitting around waiting to be read, that you know you yourself will never get to?  Or a book that you kind of enjoyed but don't really want to keep, or a book that you hated and never want to see again?  Or an extra copy of something you forgot you already had? Bring a book to exchange for another's, and feel free to enclose a bookmark detailing the reason for donation and/or your mini book review.  There should be opportunities throughout the weekend -- including the Salon on Friday evening -- for lots of literary (or not so literary) discussions.

B.Y.O. ...  BANDS & BEATS:
We will have a sound system at the ALLUNY Banquet on Saturday evening.  Help get the evening hopping with your favorite dance mix  and party selections -- bring an MP3 player or CD. (Note: you won't swap the player or CD -- just the sounds they carry!)

And by the way:
Feel free to bring an extra bag or book (or two), if you wish, for those who forget or who have already cleaned house -- any surplus will be donated.

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